Last Chance Broadhead Shoot Sonoma County Bowmen

1168288711This year, the Sonoma County Bowmen added another shoot to their lineup with an unmarked distance Broadhead shoot. Hunting VP Hans Olufs and his wife Adrienne, the owners of West Coast Archery Shop created a 20 target shoot at 3-d animals in realistic hunting situations, in the oak woodlands and pastures of Ranch Neblina.

Archers Shot in 3 classes, Compound, Recurve, and Longbow . No complicated rules on sights, releases, stabilizers, just “shoot what you brung”… So long as you had a broadhead that measured at least 7/8” across.

It was a one arrow shoot. A “heartshot” scored 10, a “lung shot” scored 8 and anywhere else on the animal except antler or horn scored 5. With 20 targets a perfect score was 200. Targets ranged from 15 to 50 yards in distance, but the terrain added some difficulty to range estimation and footing.

At the end of the day, We gathered around a delicious barbecue lunch from Bros Barbecue, as awards were given out to the top shooter in each class.  Wac ’em Archery graciously donated a pack of Exit four blade Broadheads to the winner of each class.

Winners were:
Men’s Compound: Joe Costarella
Womens Compound: Viki Balich
Men’s Recurve: Denis Smith
Women’s Longbow: Marilyn Dutra
Men’s Longbow: Tim Kallas

After awards, the fundraising raffle went off with all sorts of great prizes donated including a tree stand, a Bowie knife, a case of Lagunitas Beer, as well as some apparel from Blacktail Gear that got a ride home with me.

I spent the day shooting with a couple of fellow avid hunters.  Joe Goncalves, and Ben Berto were full of great hunting stories and experiences so the day flew as we worked around the course in the 70 degree sun.


Ben, Joe and John enjoying the Summer sun with less than a month before the California Archery Season for deer opens

Ben and Joe shot well all day, racking up 10’s and 8’s for most of the day.  However they each slipped up on their range estimation once, and each blanked a target.  I ran hot and cold for most of the day and we all ended up within three points of one another.  Joe got second in the Compound class for his efforts.

At the end of the day, I felt confident in my bowhunting setup, that I could kill cleanly within ethical distances.  The unmarked distance aspect keeps you on your toes for those times you cannot range your target.  Already, the shooters I talked to are looking forward to next years Last Chance Broadhead Shoot.

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