Memorial Day Weekend 2013: Three intense days (Part One of Two)

Once more I managed to pack all the action I could handle into a three day weekend. By the numbers it was:

851 miles on the road

84 arrows plus 6 Jackpot arrows

22 miles of trail running

Friday night I drove under the light of the full moon, 350 miles to Tejon Ranch for the California Broadhead Championship.  This shoot is one of the few where real hunting broadheads are used at unmarked distances to test the skill of bowhunters in realistic hunting situations.  The shoot consists of 42 targets on Saturday and 42 targets on Sunday to determine the champion. At the end of 42 targets I had a score of 340 out of 420 possible.  The high score was 392.   Saturday’s score on 42 targets determines the top shooters who then shoot together on the final day.  I had not shot well enough to make it into the Top Flight.  However, Zeke Bass who shot in our group was flighted in the Longbow division.


Our Group on Sunday:

That evening, I entered in the Match shoot.  This was a head-to-head elimination shoot at unmarked distance targets.  the archer closest to the center of the kill won the match and went on to the next round.  Thirty three people signed up.

I made it through the first round of 33 on a 45 yard deer target.

Next was a 35 yard Wild Pig target.  We tied on it and shot to break the tie.  I went on.

Then a 40 yard turkey.  I was matched against the high score leader in the Tournament.  He guessed the yardage shorter, and I was closer, and moved on to the Top 4 round against Chad Martin.

We shot once and tied, then on the second shot Chad eliminated me.  In the Final Round he won the $100 purse.   I was ecstatic.

That night we barbequed and drank beer and spirits as the $10,000 raffle countdown went on into the evening.


On Sunday, I shot a 331, down from the day before.  But we all enjoyed each other’s company and the mood was jovial.


The Shooting group on the second day. From Left to Right: Kiel Bass, Nate Treadwell, Steve, Jason Perez (seated), Jeremy Neely, Myself, Ed Fanchin (seated), Brent Miller.

As soon as the shoot was done on Sunday, I loaded my car to drive to Auburn for the third day of the Western States Training Camp.


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