California Bowmen Hunters Biennial Awards

In the end of January,  bowhunters from around California gather to honor the animals entered in CBH Big Game Records program the two years prior. This years event was held in Santa Ana. I attended two years ago and really enjoyed meeting my fellow measurers and bowhunters, as well as taking my family to Disneyland.

This year I received notice that my 2010 Tule elk had won an award as one of the top three recorded between 2010 and 2012. At the last minute I was unable to travel to the event to receive my award.

My 2010 Tule Elk that was the second highest scoring Tule Elk in California in 2010 and 2011.

In this month’s CBH SAA newsletter, I found a great article written by Craig Fritz outlining the awards on page 6. I was particularly intrigued by a couple of the awards presented. It turned out my 2010 Tule elk was the second largest recorded in the two year period with a final score of 236-7/8″ .  The committee actually panel scored the antlers during the previous meeting two years prior.   In addition, the antlers of a blacktail buck I measured as part of the panel at 149-7/8, took the #1 award in California, and also was the #1 in Pope and Young awards for the same recording period.

Two new State records were crowned as well.  Bret Scott’s Desert Sheep at 178-4/8, and Ron Laughlin’s Non-typical Turkey at 28-6/16.

If you join California Bowmen Hunters, you can receive this monthly newsletter as well. Inside you will see all the upcoming shoots and archery leagues throughout the state of California.  You also will help in preserving our bowhunting traditions and privileges through the legislative process.

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