Lotto Fever

I don’t enter the Lottery as a rule.  I make exceptions for Big Game Tags and now apparently, Trail races…

Monday the 10th I received notice that I have been selected to run the Way Too Cool 50 k March 9th 2013.

So now with a race entry paid for and a race on the horizon, I have a goal.  To prepare myself to the best of my ability over the next 13 weeks.  5 days a week of running.  Two Back to back long runs Sunday/Monday.  An easy 4 mile recovery run on Wednesday, Thursday Tempo- long run, and Friday an easy run.

My training this year is going to focus on hills as much as possible.  I’ll need to keep in mind the long climb out of the American River Canyon, followed by the infamous Goat Hill climb at mile 26.

Below is a elevation chart of the course and a YouTube video of the course.


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One thought on “Lotto Fever

  1. kirk

    Gonna be a great race and just let me know when you wanna come over and run the course. Sent you some details on a group training run. kirk.

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