How to: The Box Hitch

One of the biggest improvements to my packing has come from incorporating the Box Hitch into my packing arsenal. Basically this is a hitch that is designed to lift the panniers up and slightly away from the sides of your pack horse.

I was taught by my uncle, Colby Martin, but he is kinda camera shy. So the next best thing is a video by Todd Jones from Casper College. Todd is also an outfitter operating Paintrock adventures in Wyoming.

Watch and learn folks!

Now a note on what I do differently.

first, I have the hook on the Left side.  Todd shows it on the right side.  I like the idea of putting the lash cinch under the cinch connector on a two cinch sawbuck.

Second by having the hook on the left, my tie off is on the left as well.  That much easier to get to if I have to bail off and untie the lash rope in a hurry.

The box hitch in use:

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